About Us

Krishna Diagnostics is the leading diagnostic centre in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Krishna Diagnostics is headed by veteran radiologist Dr Sunil Rastogi. He is assisted by his entreprenuer son Mr Prateek Rastogi. Centre has deployed some of the latest medical technologies in healthcare diagnostics.

Centre is equipped with state of the art 1.5 Tesla MRI, multislice CT Scan, advanced color doppler, ultrasound, digital x ray and pathology lab with complete hormonal assay. Krishna Diagnostics aims to provide quality diagnostic services in the city of Shahjahanpur at affordable prices.

Who Should Come to Us

If you are looking for any imgaing tests like MRI, CT Scan, X Ray or Ultrasound or even blood tests, Krishna Diagnostics provides all services under one roof. Which machine would be able to do a particular test with the best results would be explained to you so that you do not have to get the test repeated.

If you have a problem and want to get any test done by your own knowledge then also you can approach us and we will be glad to help you. If you want to get a whole body checkup done then our team members would be able to guide you about the most relevant health checkup.

Our Team

Radiology is now a very vast branch and it is not possible for any one radiologist to be an expert on all the diagnostic modalities. Some radiologists are good in ultrasounds and colour doppler while others have mastered CT Scan or MRI. Even in these modalities some would be an expert on brain and musculo-skeletal studies while the others would be better in Gastro-intestinal studies. Some would have their expertise in Oncology while others would be great in Neurology. Our team of radiologist has experience of reporting all kinds of cases with immaculate precision.



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